“Sometimes Enid still surprised Margery – the way she could look into the air and come out with a piece of wisdom, as if an invisible sign had just lowered in front of her and she was reading it aloud.”

pg 234

A wild adventure with an old woman and a lipsticked young one – this book is unlike any book I have ever read. The tone of this novel starts out stodgy and rigid and changes again and again as the characters travel across the world on misunderstandings and dreams and danger and friendship.

The themes are varied as the story propels the reader from one adventure to another, one nightmare to another in the hopes of fulfilling a dream. One of the central themes is war and the effects of war that is like a steal weight on the bouquet of balloons that is the rest of the novel. The discrepancy surprised me. There are layers in this story, it is funny and sweet, and dark and violent. The juxtaposition creates a complex novel that is a delight to read.

Thank you, Rachel Joyce. Thank you for creating two of the most wonderful characters I have ever enjoyed and an adventure that is unforgettable.