THE Q by Beth Brower

The Q surprised me. Perhaps because Beth Brower is self-published, perhaps because she is local (to Utah), or perhaps because each page is a delight and Quincy St. Claire, the main character, walked around in my mind and spoke to my heart like no other main character ever has.

Additionally, some of the chapter endings of The Q pull at my heart and mind as they recall previous scenes and connect meaning with words and symbols, building on emotion as Quincy slowly, gracefully steps into her knowing. I love books that reference books. Also, literarily, the conflicts in the novel are not based on misunderstandings or lies; the tension of the narrative is driven by the characters’ internal conflicts as well as external conflicts and dear Quincy is smart and honest enough to avoid petty offenses – a relief for a reader who does not understand them.

Quincy’s character is clearly flawed, she is so tightly wrapped that the most rewarding part of the story is to witness her loosening, to witness her expose her humanness and vulnerability and softness as they emerge from her bravery. Thank you, Beth Brower. This book is a pleasure for me to read and remember.