ERAGON by Christopher Paolini

Christopher Paolini started writing Eragon when he was fifteen years old, this fact baffles and excites me. Eragon, the main character of the story, is young and tender – his feelings and relationships are exposed and relatable. Fantasy often hardens characters with epic wars and betrayals; however, while Eragon suffers tragedies, he is also surrounded by friends and epic love.

The relationship between Eragon and his dragon is a fascinating idea and also adds an intimate exposure to Eragon’s character. He cannot lie to Saphira, this aspect of both characters’ development moves the plot along and avoids easy (and cheap) conflicts driven by miscommunication and lies. Adventure, magic, battles, sacrifice, death, healing: this book has the perfect balance of suspense and character and world-building.

Thank you, Christopher Paolini. Thank you for writing young, for creating a world where a ferocious dragon calls a young boy “little one” and the two develop a relationship built on communication, trust, and commitment.