The Stars Are Legion by Kameron Hurley

This is one of the most bizarre and visceral imagined worlds I’ve ever read about. Women survive and are recycled in the fleshy layers of a breathing, decaying, ship world. There is a lot of swearing and sex. There are only women in this universe and they are capable of getting pregnant with slugs and pieces of the world. Everything is slimy, bloody, and soft.

The character arcs are satisfying and the discovering of the world as the main character collects a variety of beings on her journey from the bottom pits of their world is disgustingly and shockingly mesmerizing.

I had a book idea for a world not constructed on Patriarchy; therefore, I’ve been reading novels with a similar premise. I find Hurley’s idea of a world of women fascinating, angry, and disappointingly violent and corrupt. This is an interesting experiment.