Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson

“We can’t depend upon the ancient writings, so we can’t look to the heavens for salvation.” (Jasnah) . . . “You’ve just been looking for God in all the wrong places . . . you’ll find God . . . inside the hearts of men.” (Wit)


Sanderson explores life, people, and God through his fantasy and gives fantastical meaning to my world through his pretend one.

The plot points and character arcs are predictable and Sanderson sure takes his time getting there, but the journey through over one thousand pages of text is enjoyable. Particularly, the last chapters of this book are extremely fun to read: incredibly climatic, rewarding, and beautiful. Sanderson’s world-building is brilliant, his characters are dynamic and complex, and his themes are deeply meaningful.

Unfortunately, I am hooked on this long Stormlight Archive. And even more unfortunately, the Knights Radiant, Storm Father, and the shattered plains are fictional. Now I must return to this real world where there are no answers, lashings, or Spren.