Books that have helped me along my faith journey

My husband and I don’t know how to live a mixed-faith marriage. We are stepping into the dark on this crazy faith journey. But I am realizing that we are different in more ways than just faith and I am learning the value and beauty of our differences. We are learning to communicate.

Steven and I make mistakes constantly; however, through those mistakes, we have become pretty good at apologizing, forgiving, and listening. I’ve come to value the whole journey of faith through recognizing ambiguity, through letting go of my ideas of perfection, and through living in the moment – these changes have simultaneously matured other aspects of myself.

Initially, however, we did not have the vocabulary to describe what we were going through. Having safe, loving, un-judging people who listened to me as I worked through faith vocally helped me place my feet on solid ground and gave me the confidence to own what I believe. Additionally, reading books surrounding faith topics filled the holes in my soul and gave me the vocabulary to understand life, faith, and love more fully. (Therapy helped, too.)